Active Directory management

Solutions for identity and access management in Windows environments.

ADManager Plus

Active Directory Management and Reporting

ADManager Plus

  • Web-based, Active Directory management tool with mobile management options via iPhone and Android apps.
  • Single-console Active Directory, Microsoft 365 & Exchange management.
  • One-step AD, M365, Exchange, Google Apps & Skype for Business/Lync user creation, in bulk, via templates and CSV.
  • 150+ predefined, actionable reports including security, compliance (SOX/HIPAA), distribution lists, and nested group membership reports.
  • Reset passwords, unlock/enable/disable accounts & more, from reports.
  • Role and OU-based granular help desk delegation.
  • Automate crucial routines such as cleaning up stale AD accounts.
ADSelfService Plus

Active Directory Password Management

ADSelfService Plus

  • Self-service password management for on-premises Active Directory and cloud applications.
  • Notifies users via email/SMS about their impending password and account expiration.
  • Enforces granular password policies across Active Directory and connected on-premises and cloud applications.
  • Automatically syncs Active Directory passwords in real-time across multiple applications.
  • Provides Active Directory-based single sign-on (SSO) for cloud applications.
ADAudit Plus

Active Directory Change Auditing and Reporting

ADAudit Plus

  • Web-based, Active Directory tool to track all domain events, including user, group, computer, GPO, and OU changes.
  • Audits Windows file servers, failover clusters, NetApp for document changes to files and folders, audit access, and more.
  • Monitors every user logon and logoff, including every successful and failed logon event across network workstations.
  • Tracks Windows member servers, FIM, printers, and USB changes with events summary; tracks application, policy, and system events.
  • Brings 150+ ready-to-use audit reports with instant email alerts to ensure security and meet IT Compliance requirements.
Exchange Reporter Plus

Exchange Server Change Audit and Reporting

Exchange Reporter Plus

  • Web-based, change auditing and reporting solution for MS Exchange environments.
  • Track and monitors enterprise ActiveSync infrastructure and the inventory of related smart devices.
  • Reports on Outlook Web Access usage, mailbox traffic, and mailbox growth.
  • Supports customized reports that use data filters, automatic scheduling, and multi-format report generation.
  • Provides audit feature to enable investigation of unauthorized mailbox logons and other critical changes.
DataSecurity Plus

File server auditing & data discovery

DataSecurity Plus

  • Web-based, real-time Windows file server access auditing and storage analysis tool that helps meet data security, information management, and compliance needs.
  • Track and analyze access to files and folders by drilling down into anomalies, recording access patterns, and examining share and NTFS permissions.
  • Optimize storage space by isolating old, stale, and non-business files, getting insights into disk space usage, and viewing file and folder properties.
  • Actively respond to security breaches with instant email alerts. Detect and counter ransomware with mass access alerts and response automation.
  • Stay compliant with SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, GLBA, GDPR, and other regulatory mandates.
M365 Manager Plus

Microsoft 365 management, reporting, and auditing

M365 Manager Plus

  • A Microsoft 365 reporting, monitoring, management, and auditing tool.
  • Utilize out-of-the box reports for Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business, as well as reports on security, compliance management, and licenses for Microsoft 365.
  • Monitor Microsoft 365 service health around the clock, and receive instant email notifications upon service outages.
  • Effortlessly oversee your Microsoft 365 setup with a wide range of Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory management features.
  • Track even the most granular user activities in Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Sway, and other services.
  • Audit critical activities and changes happening in your Microsoft 365 environment with custom alerts for each Microsoft 365 service.
  • Delegate Microsoft 365 administration tasks granularly to help desk staff and other non-IT users through role-based delegation.
RecoveryManager Plus

Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Exchange Backup and Recovery

RecoveryManager Plus

Active Directory

  • Automated incremental backup of Active Directory objects..
  • Restart-free recovery when performing attribute-level and object-level restoration.
  • Option to roll back Active Directory to an earlier state, or restore point.

Microsoft 365

  • Back up and restore all mailboxes in your entire Exchange Online environment. Export entire mailboxes, or just part of them to PST format for secure archival.
  • Back up and restore all site collections, sites, lists, and document libraries in your SharePoint Online environment.
  • Back up and restore all files and folders in your OneDrive for Business environment.


  • Back up and restore all mailboxes in your entire on-premises Exchange environment.
  • Export entire mailboxes, or just part of them to PST format for secure archival.
SharePoint Manager Plus

SharePoint Management and Auditing

SharePoint Manager Plus

  • Web-based tool to manage and audit SharePoint on-premise servers and Microsoft 365 configurations.
  • Provides complete infrastructure visibility into both on-premise and online SharePoint server components.
  • Includes out-of-the-box reports for monitoring SharePoint components such as farms, content databases, web applications, site collections, sites, lists and document libraries.
  • Performs component level and security level auditing. Tracks permission changes, group changes and new role changes instantly with alerts.
  • Helps meet compliance requirements by archiving audit log data for flexible time period.

Integrated Identity and Access Management


  • Integrated identity and access management (IAM) solution.
  • Enables user provisioning, password self-service, Windows security and file server auditing, and Exchange reporting.
  • Provides single, integrated console to help make Active Directory environments more secure, compliant, and easy to manage.

File security and storage analysis solution


  • ROT data management: Locate and purge redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data and other junk files to reclaim primary storage.
  • Disk space analyzer: Track disk usage patterns, and notify admins when free space falls below a preconfigured limit.
  • Permission analyzer: Generate instant reports on users' effective permissions, and identify who has access to do what to your business-critical data.
  • Data risk scanner: Identify data most vulnerable to security threats such as overexposed folders, files with broken inheritance, and ransomware-infected files.
  • Orphaned file management: Find and manage files owned by inactive, disabled, or deleted users.
M365 Security Plus

Microsoft 365 Security and Protection

M365 Security Plus

  • Prevent security breaches with custom audit profiles and granular audit reports on various user and admin activities.
  • Provide quick remediation for critical events with real-time alerts, and create custom alert profiles to suit your needs.
  • Prevent service outages with around-the-clock monitoring of the health and performance of Microsoft 365 features and endpoints and with instant alerts.
  • Scrutinize emails with automated content search to detect personal information and potential spear phishing attacks.
  • Create custom help desk roles and delegate routine tasks to non-admin users without elevating their Microsoft 365 permissions.

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Customer Stories

  • ADManager Plus has been an integral productivity tool in the efforts to standardize and streamline our Active Directory in a dynamically changing environment.

    - William Lucoff, Senior DBA

  • I highly recommend ADAudit Plus. Now, I can easily monitor user logons, file deletions / modifications, changes in AD and export them as reports.

    - Huseyin Akbaba, Information Technologies, Rmk Marine

  • We deal with a number of password resets and wanted to get out of the business. ADSelfService Plus is simple and cost-effective. It provided the features we wanted at the best price.

    - Michael Case, Manchester College