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100% free Active Directory Password Expiration Notifier for unlimited users

Automate password expiration reminders through SMS and email alerts.

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The undeniable IT expense from expired Active Directory passwords.

Changing Active Directory passwords periodically is crucial, as it prevents hackers from gaining access to network resources, even if they have stolen user credentials. Configuring password expiration to a set number of days, say 90, is a common practice among IT admins. However, users forget to change their soon-to-expire passwords and raise a password reset ticket because they:

  • Have Active Directory accounts only for VPN or Outlook Web Access, so they never log on interactively to see Windows notifications.
  • Do not notice the password expiration reminder in their Windows taskbar.
  • Use macOS or Linux workstations, so they don't receive Active Directory password expiration notifications.

What happens if you don't have a
password expiration notifier

The help desk is overwhelmed with password reset tickets. More password reset tickets also means higher costs being generated by the organization. The user's work is put on hold until the password is reset and the user can log in again. This can set off a chain reaction, affecting many other employees' work. When a password is reset by the help desk, it has to be given to the user in plain text. This can expose the user account to many security risks.

More than $210,000 is lost due to password expiry
related issues
in a year for an organization with
500 employees, according to a study by Widmeyer.

Escape password expiry expenses

Notify users before their password expires, for free.

ADSelfService Plus' Password Expiration Notifier automatically sends password and account expiration reminders to users via SMS and email notifications. Also, as it's highly unlikely that users will respond to a one-time password change alert, ADSelfService Plus sends multiple notifications at specified intervals. For instance, admins can choose to send a password expiration alert 10 days before the password expires, then send a second reminder eight days before expiration, a third when it's five days from expiration, a fourth at three days, and a fifth and final reminder a day before the password expires.

Key features of the Password Expiration Notifier

Comprehensive audit reports

Schedule in-depth audit reports on all password self-service activities performed by end users. You can also export reports in PDF, CSV, XLS, HTML, or CSVDE formats and send them to managers.

OU- and group-based policies

Control who receives password and account expiration notifications and when by creating policies based on Active Directory domain, OU, and group memberships.

Customizable messages

Customize email and SMS expiration messages to make them more personal or imperative. You can add specific instructions and images.

Automated account expiration reminders

Automate account expiration reminders, along with the usual password expiration alerts. Admins can also notify managers about other users' account expiration.

Time-phased notifications

Configure multiple password and account expiration notifications to be sent at regular intervals so reminders don't go unnoticed.

Simple deployment

Get the free tool up and running in seconds. Since the solution uses the existing default domain password policy, there are no changes made to Active Directory or Group Policy infrastructure and no extra steps required to get started.

Benefits of using Password Expiration Notifier.

Reduced help desk calls

By helping users be proactive about soon-to-expire passwords, you can drastically reduce the number of password reset tickets.

Better compliance

Using the Password Expiration Notifier to remind users about their expiring passwords helps your organization comply with PCI DSS and HIPAA regulations.


Advanced reports

Be in the know about the password expiration status of users by generating reports on the delivery status of password expiration reminders.

Improve ROI

The Password Expiration Notifier is completely free for unlimited users. This means you can use all the features it offers for free, forever.

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