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File SHA256 value
32 bit (exe) 67196c4f71c9521fdd1d65cbfb4afb478a3f586d051c115bd9ee59e090e0b9ba
64 bit (exe) 5ef6b13fba55abc4270b71477a68aef09e17a2c4ef4ffd8f08a18c5fb9a9f7eb
32 bit (bin) 903fbd315cb1c15efb1f2e2dd92f58245fa3615ccbb2146b97e9be9db9a27210
64 bit (bin) 3af1377d49146fe32a09485a79465015b6bdcfe84ca276d8cbdf97c2cd34a020
DMG c6b84158988af9a4d93de263b683e00a2aae9af9e8fbd54c7a22e0d9e9b56893

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