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Slack Integration

Slack Integration with Applications Manager

Applications Manager offers an out-of-the-box Slack integration that pushes Applications Manager notifications to Slack channels in real time. This helps IT and DevOps teams to become aware of potential performance problems with applications and infrastructure components as they occur.

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Integrate Slack with Applications Manager

Key Benefits:

  • Improve response time to alerts: The entire Ops team can now see the alerts from Applications Manager (on Applications Manager console as well as Slack) and respond simultaneously. This helps respond to service failures and requests as quickly as possible.
  • Improve communication among team members: Collaborate with your team members and discuss on handling and resolving high-priority issues from within Slack.
  • Reduce email alert overload: Limit the number of email alerts received by users and prevent the chance that users ignore critical alerts by sending warning messages to Slack channel.
  • Handle issues in a timely manner: Save time spent in navigating from one tool to another, and use them to avoid possible downtime and handle problematic issues on time before they become huge escalations.
  • Organize your notifications for easy understanding: Customize your message notifications with required fields by choosing suitable variable names of your desired monitor parameters that need to be displayed for your respective Slack channels/members.

Integrate with Slack in 3 easy steps:

  • Login into Applications Manager and click on the Add New link to add a new account.
  • Copy the auth-code that is displayed after clicking the Add to Slack button.
  • Paste it into the Applications Manager console and click Save.

To view detailed steps on how to integrate Slack with Applications Manager, click here.

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