AdventNet Introduces Zoho Virtual Office; Web based Collaboration software allows several Users to Work on Projects from Remote Locations

Pleasanton, California, August 9, 2005

AdventNet today announced the release of Zoho Virtual Office - a web-based, groupware and collaboration software for Linux and Windows. The need for collaboration is essential in today's work environment, as a number of workers tend to be in remote locations. Companies understand that team collaborationis necessary, especially when it comes to sharing business documents, budgets, and presentations. With this in mind, Zoho Virtual Office applications include: Webmail, documents, calendar, tasks, notes, contacts, bookmarks, group discussions, instant messaging and many other useful features. It allows several concurrent users at different locations to create multiple groups, and facilitate the sharing of information from both inside and outside the company. Information can be accessed from any computer that has an internet connection and a webbrowser, allowing teams to work securely as if they were in the same physical location. Individuals and groups can collect, communicate, organize and share information, as the virtual collaboration platform delivers the functionality for many participants to augment a common deliverable. Virtual office runs on Windows and Linux machines, and is designed to increases employee productivity by allowing individuals and groups of users to seamlessly share information.

With Virtual Office, you can:

  • Have easy access to information from anywhere
  • Instantly bring together virtual team members
  • Share, review and edit information securely
  • Communicate through instant messaging, discussion forums
  • Know which team members are online and offline
  • Track, manage and organize meeting and projects
  • Set task reminders and notifications
  • Create Notes to collect important information
  • Integrate e-mail, task, calendar and notes to form a seamless collaboration platform

"The idea behind Zoho Virtual Office is to provide a complete web based virtual office solution which can be accessed from every location and on each computer with any operating system and web browser. It leverages the power of the web to drive business efficiency," said Raju Vegesna, Product Manager at AdventNet. "It gives users who are geographically dispersed the ability to access information, create and share ideas with others on a common project. It is also designed with a specific focus on ease-of-use, so even novice users can easily use the product."

Annual subscription pricing starts at $295 for 50 users. For more information, go to:

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