AdventNet Upgrades Simulation ToolKit: Simulate Large Networks in Seconds with Double the Response Rates

Pleasanton, California, Nov. 08, 2006

AdventNet, Inc., the leading provider of affordable network and systems management software for enterprises, equipment vendors, and service providers, today announced the release of AdventNet Simulation Toolkit 6, with a completely new data model designed to create and start large networks in seconds, while consuming very less storage space and offering superior performance.

Simulation Toolkit is complete agent/network simulation software for testing and demonstration of NMS/EMS in multiple operating systems. Ability to simulate 50000+ SNMP (v1, v2c, v3), TL1, TFTP, FTP, Telnet and Cisco IOS devices, simultaneously for scalability testing, trap simulation for fault management testing, configuration of device values and simulation types for performance testing, behavior simulation for testing realistic/negative test scenarios across network devices, start/stop of network at runtime, automated network simulation and easy-to-use GUI enables full-fledged simulation of large networks.

The New version of Simulation ToolKit 6 includes:

  • New Template based model of device creation and data storage: Enables creation of large networks in seconds, occupies very less storage space of MySQL data for the network devices, enables bulk configuration and modification of network devices via the template device and offers superior network performance.
  • Simplified and Enhanced GUI: To enable template based device configuration of table rows, traps, scripts, MIB(s) loading/ unloading, and protocol specific parameters, configure unique OID values while creating the network, record real agent values and configure SNMPv3 users.
  • Migration Tools : To migrate the network devices, SNMP agent and TL1 agent created in release 5 to the latest.
  • Inform support : Complete SNMP v2 and SNMP v3 inform support in SNMP agent simulator and network simulator.
    New Cisco IOS Commands: Support for EIGRP router mode and enhancements to Vlan mode.
  • Other Additions: Includes multiple device selection for Start / Stop/ Delete agents, command Line utility to create SNMP WALK file, package & install individual /multiple devices in the device tree, view network devices as device images/device list, view template tree/device library after network creation and execute timer scripts after specified time after agent startup.

“AdventNet Network Simulator has been a great help for demonstrating our manager application at trade shows, in house testing, and pre-configuring customer deployments.  Key reasons for selecting AdventNet Simulation Toolkit are the flexibility and ease to design and create networks, terrific customer support and its reasonable price for performance,” said Scott Mitchell, senior software engineer at Media Links,” said Scott Mitchell, Sr. Software Engineer at Media Links. “In addition, its powerful features like topology editor, network recording environment and simulation of real-time network scenarios makes it an ideal tool for testing network management software," he added.

"Today's network management software is more focused towards managing very large networks with huge number of data objects. Simulation Toolkit 6 has been enhanced to address this situation with prime focus on providing superior performance" said Ranjith Kumar, Product Manager at AdventNet. "With the new capabilities, the latest version will simulate huge networks within seconds, consume less storage space and at the same time provide high response rates in performance and fault management".

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