AdventNet Greatly Simplifies Service Activation through XML Template-based Provisioning

Pleasanton, CA, May 30, 2001-AdventNet, Inc., the worldwide leader in providing Java-based management solutions to the telecommunications and networking industries, today announced the availability of XML template-based provisioning out-of-the-box in its Web NMS flagship product, to substantially simplify service activation.

The new functionality, which is immediately available in version 2.3 of AdventNet Web NMS, meets the acutely-felt need for a service provisioning solution that facilitates rapid service definition and delivery, easier integration and lower startup costs. "A major problem in service provisioning is the time and expense of building and integrating applications to manage diverse devices from multiple vendors," said Dr. Sridhar Vembu, CEO of AdventNet. "AdventNet's solution provides a powerful new way to simplify flow-through provisioning in order to facilitate the rapid delivery of sophisticated multi-technology, multi-vendor solutions."

AdventNet Web NMS simplifies provisioning solutions using an XML service provisioning template approach and a comprehensive multi-protocol (SNMP, TL1, CLI/Telnet) configuration engine. The template-based provisioning facilitates simple scripting of provisioning operations.

The Web NMS provisioning server is also extremely extensible, enabling rapid development of application and domain specific extensions that meet special purpose requirements, e.g. customer self-provisioning. Using this provisioning framework, many different provisioning operations can be supported with minimal effort, often by simply creating and editing XML templates. This extensible framework enables rapid development as well as evolution of provisioning applications.

The Web NMS provisioning functionality is built around an open modular architecture, enabling flexible growth. The Web NMS has a multi-tier web-based architecture, facilitating massive scalability. It also provides support for development and deployment on standard J2EE Application Servers.

"This XML template-based provisioning module is another illustration of our relentless focus on our customers value proposition. It is this commitment that has made AdventNet the vendor of choice," said Dr.Vembu.

About AdventNet

AdventNet, the Internet Management Infrastructure Company, is the worldwide leader in providing out-of-the-box Web and Java-based network management software for OEMs, service providers, integrators and ISVs. Ease of use, scalability, reliability and extensive customizability are the hallmarks of AdventNet products. AdventNet products are powering solutions in many market segments, including e-business application management, optical networking, cable modem, DSL, storage management, web hosting and management service providers (MSPs). AdventNet enables superior solutions with rapid time to market advantages and all the benefits of communications and software technologies. AdventNet corporate office is located at Pleasanton, CA with offices in NJ, NH, India, China and Japan. It has a well-trained partner base around the globe and thousands of customers world-wide. For more information call 925 /924-9500 or visit

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