ManageEngine OpManager Plus Announces General Availability with New Deep Packet Inspection Monitoring

Network Admins Can Now Compare Network and Application Response Times to Troubleshoot User Experience Problems

  • Collect and analyze packets from switches and routers
  • Identify attacks, bandwidth bottlenecks and poor end-user experience
  • End blame games happening between application and network teams
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PLEASANTON, Calif. - August 16, 2017 - ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced general availability of OpManager Plus with deep packet inspection (DPI) bandwidth monitoring. With DPI, packets from network flows can be captured to identify the root cause of poor end-user experience, bandwidth bottlenecks and suspicious traffic spikes.

"We strongly believe integrated network performance management tools, such as OpManager Plus, can put an end to blame games happening between network and application teams. It's high time that enterprise IT teams stop using multiple point products that work in silos and begin moving toward integrated platforms. The blame game never ends with point products," said Dev Anand, director of product management at ManageEngine. "Network teams rely on a set of tools to claim that the issue is on the app side, while the app team will blame it on the network. An integrated tool that gives visibility into network and application performance can help both teams identify what's really causing the issue."

With DPI-based monitoring in OpManager Plus, IT administrators will gain visibility into network and application latencies in addition to flow-based and SNMP-based network performance data. Correlating these three different inputs helps them to quickly find the issue and resolve it.

OpManager Plus also monitors bandwidth using SNMP and flows in addition to DPI-based monitoring. The biggest advantage with DPI-based monitoring is that it provides admins the latencies of the network and applications separately. This allows them to detect whether the performance issue is on the network or application side.

Additionally, DPI-based bandwidth monitoring offers data on bandwidth by source, destination and application. This allows admins to identify the top bandwidth consumers or applications and regulate them. It also helps to detect any sudden spike in bandwidth usage or any suspicious traffic hitting the network.

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Pricing and Availability

DPI-based monitoring is available immediately in OpManager version 12.3. For OpManager customers using version 12.2 and older, a service pack is available to upgrade to version 12.3. DPI-based monitoring is available as an add-on to OpManager for $4,995.

About OpManager

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