ManageEngine Applications Manager introduces Business Service Management; AdventNet integrates Exchange server monitoring

Pleasanton, California, October 26, 2005

AdventNet, Inc. today announced an update to ManageEngine Applications Manager, an affordable web application management software that provides integrated applications and server monitoring. The update includes additional features and enhancements like Business Service Management (BSM) console and support for Exchange Server monitoring.

This release also provides ManageEngine Application Performance Management Solution, by integrating both Applications Manager and AdventNet's QEngine, an automated testing platform to optimize and maintain business critical web applications.

Applications Manager provides in depth monitoring of Application Servers (WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat), databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2), servers, custom Java, JMX, J2EE applications and web sites with fault management and notification capabilities.

Applications Manager enhancements include:

  • Support for monitoring the performance of FreeBSD
  • Standalone Web Transaction Recorder
  • Support for Monitoring JBoss 4.0.2

"We are using ManageEngine Applications Manager to monitor server health and availability along with database health. The alert systems warn us ahead if the health is on its way to becoming critical," said T.J. Gainey Network Admin, MarMac Personal Protection, DuPont. “The reports help us observe the trend over a period of time. This program has helped us a lot by keeping a check on all of our systems at an affordable cost."

"By supporting Business Service Management (BSM), we let companies monitor and manage IT services by detecting and isolating problems that affect availability, performance and response time. Business Managers can now set and monitor Service Level Agreements (SLAs)", said Hyther Nizam, Product Manager at AdventNet. "Further we now support monitoring Exchange 2000/2003 with no add-on cost"

Applications Manager is available in two editions - a Free Edition, which can manage five applications and a Professional Edition, which helps small and medium sized businesses cost-effectively manage their IT applications.

Applications Manager can be downloaded from:

Further information on pricing, licensing, and technical support is available at (888) 720 9500 or online at

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